Open! Oven! Oh heaven!

Opened in early summer, 2022, Shima Terrace is a pizzeria, bakery, and cafe located about halfway through the Kiri no Ki Daira shopping district along the Shima River. Please enjoy a relaxing time on the terrace while looking out upon the dazzling color of Shima River, called Shima Blue.

SHIMA Terrace

1. Open! Oven! Oh Heaven!Customers can enjoy our open terrace, where pets are also welcome, as well as the roomy interior seating from which you can see the stunning nature of Shima Onsen. Our brick oven-baked pizza and house-roasted coffee are highly recommended!

SHIMA Terrace

2. Shima-terasu?The name “Shima Terrace” refers to our terrace seats which are incredibly close to the river, allowing customers to enjoy the beauty of Shima Blue.
The name also refers to the great hope we have that this project will light up (terasu in Japanese) the future of Shima Onsen and the Kashiwaya Global Group.

3. Environmental ConsiderationsThis shop was developed in the middle of Shima’s gorgeous natural landscape with the hope that customers would enjoy nature here. We do not abide staff who have no consideration for nature. That’s why we make every effort not to use or sell any plastic products. We also try to reduce our waste to as close to zero as we possibly can. In preparation for our opening, for example, we purchased nearly zero new furniture or dishware. Everything from our cutlery and glasses to fixtures and uniforms were acquired used.

Address 4237-43 Shima, Nakanojo, Azuma-gun, Gunma-ken (Postal code: 377-0601)
Phone 080-4155-0193
Open 11:00〜18:00
Closed Tuesdays, 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month
Accepts Cash, Credit Card, PayPay, IC Cards